Hokianga-Nui-A-Kupe, Photo © T.B. Dawson
MARILYN J WARING BA (Hons) VUW, DPhil (Waikato), Personal Chair Public Policy AUT

Visionary Leader: Marilyn Waring - a pioneer visionary

Many people remember Marilyn Waring as the feisty young National Member of Parliament who got under Prime Minister Rob Muldoon's skin and provoked the 1984 Snap Election.

While Rogernomics was changing the landscape of business and trade in New Zealand, Waring created her own brand - feminist economics. She argued strongly that gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights must be valued, cared for and included in economic modelling and performance - and soon became internationally known.

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The Political Years: Marilyn Waring

An autobiographical account of Waring's extraordinary years in parliament. She tells the story of her journey from being elected as a new National Party MP in a conservative rural seat to being publicly decried by the Prime Minister for her 'feminist anti-nuclear stance' that threatened to bring down his government.

Her tale of life in a male-dominated and relentlessly demanding political world is both uniquely of its time and still of pressing relevance today.

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Marilyn Waring: still counting the value of women's unpaid work

This year marks 30 years since Dr Marilyn Waring’s ground-breaking book Counting for Nothing. In it, Waring explained through in-depth economic analysis, how the success of the global economy rests on women's unpaid work and the environment – yet both were systematically ignored and undervalued by conventional economic measures.

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Media Release: Still Counting: Wellbeing, Women's Work and Policy-making By Marilyn Waring

Today, countries around the world are attempting to move beyond traditional economic measures like GDP. Jacinda Ardern has promised that New Zealand's next budget will be a 'wellbeing budget' – measuring policies not just against fiscal indicators, but a broader range of indicators. The NZ Treasury is currently developing the Living Standards Framework to measure wellbeing.

Many people hope that the shift to a wellbeing approach will mean women's work is finally valued fairly. But what does Marilyn Waring make of it?

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Still Counting: Wellbeing, Women's Work and Policy Making

New book available for preorder. Today, many people hope that the shift to a wellbeing approach – moving beyond narrow economic indicators when assessing New Zealand's progress – will mean women’s work is finally valued fairly. This short book provides an essential assessment of wellbeing economics from a leading feminist scholar.
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How Marilyn Waring went from political prodigy to international influencer

It's nearly 35 years since a young woman ended the political reign of one of New Zealand’s most controversial and divisive prime ministers. Marilyn Waring was, at 23, the youngest person to enter Parliament when she was elected MP for Raglan in 1975. From 1978, she was also the sole woman in a National Party caucus ruled by Rob Muldoon.
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Making women's unpaid work count

Feminist economics pioneer Marilyn Waring on care and the unfinished feminist revolution ...
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Interview for the 200 Women Project

This book was inspired by the idea to persuade two hundred women in different parts of the world – whether they be rich or poor, black or white, educated or uneducated, famous or unknown – to sit or stand in front of a plain sheet of fabric and to be photographed and filmed while answering five fundamental questions ...
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Transitioning to the Future Economy, Keynote Speech University of Alberta. Nov. 18, 2016.

Marilyn reflects on the GDP and changes and strategies emerging since 1989, the year her classic critique was published. What has been critical and radical, what has been sadly strategically astray, and what has added to the destructive power of this over-rated indicator? ...
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Twenty-Five Years of Counting for Nothing: Waring's Critique of National Accounts

Marilyn Waring's If Women Counted (1988) shows how national income accounting became infused with the patriarchal values dominant during its post–World War II development. This article revisits Waring's analysis in the light of continued support of gross domestic product as a useful statistic ...
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Zonta International's 2014 Convention

Dr. Marilyn Waring, Professor of Public Policy, Institute of Public Policy at Auckland University of Technology, addresses Zontians at Zonta International's 2014 Convention in Orlando, FL, USA ...
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Marilyn Waring: 40 years of feminism

Marilyn Waring is professor of public policy at AUT University who spoke about 40 years of feminism at the International Women's Day Celebration Breakfast at Parliament. She talks to Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand ...
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Marilyn Waring's International Women's Day speech:
'Get some guts and join the right side'

Sunday March 8 was International Women’s Day. Forty years ago, on March 24 1975, I became the candidate for the safe National seat of Raglan.

Media made much of my being a feminist and in 1975 that could be fairly complicated. The word feminist usually came with adjectives attached: liberal, socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, lesbian, separatist, radical. I didn’t wear any of those labels, being content to agree with suffragist Rebecca West that ‘feminism is the radical notion that women are people’, or her more memorable ‘people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat’ ... Read more

Care and Dignity:
Major challenges to economics and human rights

I was honoured to be invited to give the Pamela Denoon lecture for 2015. Women have been the unpaid workers in households and families for millennia. As any of this work moved into the market, women occupied the gender stereotyped low paid positions which replaced the unpaid work ...
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The AUT University Medal has been awarded to Professor Marilyn Waring

It is the second time this pre-eminent award has been presented to a member of the AUT community who has made a sustained and outstanding contribution that reflects and enhances the academic development and reputation of the University ... Read more

NCPACS Public Conversation series

21 July 2014: Professor Marilyn Waring was in conversation with Professor Kevin Clements about her life before, during and after the parliamentary years. Download here as an audio file or video file.

AUT Professor wins prestigious economics award

AUT University Professor of Public Policy, Marilyn Waring, was yesterday announced the 2014 recipient of the prestigious New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) Economics Award ... Read more

Feminist's ideas resonating in unlikely places

When Turkish feminists had a chance to speak during a popular uprising in Istanbul last year, they used their time to show a Canadian film about the work of New Zealand feminist Professor Marilyn Waring. The uprising, sparked by plans to bulldoze a green city park to make way for a shopping mall, seems far removed from Waring's 1988 book that led to the film, Counting for Nothing, which exposed the way economic statistics ignored the value of unpaid work and of the environment. But 25 years later, its ideas still resonated on the other side of the world ... Read more

Q+A: Info on Marilyn Waring

With her election in 1975 at age 23, Marilyn Waring became NZ’s youngest MP. This TV doco, directed by George Andrews, follows her as she settles into parliamentary life and prepares her maiden speech ... Read more

Dr. Marilyn Waring Named Honorary Member of Zonta International

Zonta International announced that it would award Dr. Marilyn Waring honorary membership in the organization, which seeks to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy ... Read more

New Book: "Counting on Marilyn Waring"

This edited volume maps new advances in theories and practices in feminist economics and the valuation of women, care and nature since Marilyn’s groundbreaking critique of the system of national accounts, Counting For Nothing/If Women Counted ... Read more

"Counting For Nothing": Be Careful What You Measure For

Part of a series in which Influencers describe the books that changed them, Tara Hunt discusses "Counting for Nothing" ... Read more

New Book: "Anticipatory Social Protection: Claiming dignity and rights"

In this powerful book, Waring, Mukherjee, Reid and Shivdas argue persuasively for a more dynamic approach to social protection ... View details / Ordering info

Amnesty International honours Marilyn Waring - 2013 Human Rights Defender

Marilyn Waring has been announced as the recipient of Amnesty International New Zealand's 2013 Human Rights Defender Award.

In a ceremony at the University of Auckland Law School on Saturday evening, the award was presented to Marilyn in recognition of a life dedicated to the promotion and protection of people's human rights here in New Zealand and around the world. Read more | View Presentation (PPTX)

"Who's Counting" + Q&A with Marilyn Waring

Who’s Counting is a feature-length documentary based on Waring's book, If Women Counted, directed by Terre Nash and featuring Waring as the film's most prominent voice ... View more

Professor Marilyn Waring honoured with Science and Innovation Award

AUT University's Professor Marilyn Waring has been named as the winner of the Science and Innovation Award at the inaugural New Zealand Women of Influence Awards ... View more

New Book: Fifty Shades of Feminism

50 Shades of Feminism elegantly proves feminism has its own narrative, language and collective shades of understanding ... Book review |Buy on Amazon


Women Unaccounted for in Global Economy Proves Waring Influence

Her 1988 book “If Women Counted” persuaded the United Nations to redefine gross domestic product, inspired new accounting methods in dozens of countries and became the founding document of the discipline of feminist economics ... Read more

Still counting ... New Zealand Listener

Internationally celebrated, Marilyn Waring was recently named on a list of 50 people who will change the world ... Read more (PDF)

Making visible the invisible: commodification is not the answer

If you are invisible as a producer in the GDP, you are invisible in the distribution of benefits in the economic framework of the national budget ... Read more | view papers

Commonwealth publication raises concerns over rights of HIV and AIDS carers

A breakthrough research publication, calling on governments to make changes to their policies to recognise the rights of unpaid carers and their crucial role in dealing with HIV and AIDS, was launched at the Commonwealth Secretariat on 3 October 2011 ... Read more | view book

Tara Hunt interviews Marilyn Waring on measuring a country’s health and wealth

It's been more than 22 years since you wrote If Women Counted, in which you describe how the standard measurement of country health and wealth we use, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), discounts women's contributions to the economy and rewards short-term thinking in business and industry ... Read more

Keynote Address on Massey University Devnet

Watch the video of Marilyn's keynote address ... View now

TV New Zealand: Where Are They Now?

Breakfast tracks down human rights activist Marilyn Waring to find out ... View now

Economic Crisis and Unpaid Care Work in the Pacific

UNDP reports that while many Pacific Island Countries are already facing the brunt of the global economic and financial crises, the full impact of the crisis is yet to be felt in the Pacific. Sadly, more people are expected to slide into poverty and hardship ... Read more (PDF)


Assembling some of her most thought-provoking writings, 1 Way 2 C the World is a compelling collection of essays and reflections on many important issues of our time ... Google Books | Octopus Books | U of T Press

Where was she then?

In this 1995 National Film Board of Canada feature-length documentary, Marilyn Waring demystifies the language of economics ... View now

Chasing the Light

No matter what your politics, listening to New Zealand feminist Marilyn Waring is like joining a march toward hope ... Read more

IDRC's Expert/ Donor Consultation on Democratic Governance, Women's Rights and Gender Equality

If the legislature was a husband, every woman Member of Parliament would have the right to a protection order ... Read more (PDF)

BBC World Service: The Forum

Former New Zealand MP and Professor at the Institute of Public Policy MARILYN WARING challenges our notion of what we deem valuable ... View now (DOC)

Solomon Islands women ‘barrier breakers’ tell their stories

When Solomon Islanders at the launch of Being the First were each handed a copy of the book, the general reaction was one of “awe”.  ... Read more

NZ failure to ratify ILO domestic workers convention shameful

200 Women

200 Women
200 Women is a book and exhibition founded on original interviews and accompanying photographic portraits. This landmark project is the realisation of an epic global journey to find two hundred women with diverse backgrounds, and to ask them what really matters to them.
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