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 MARILYN J WARING  BA (Hons) VUW, DPhil (Waikato), Personal Chair Public Policy AUT                                                             AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND  



Pleanary AWID Forum 2012, Istanbul
“Making visible the invisible: commodification is not the answer”
Marilyn Waring, 7 May 2012 ... more

Commonwealth Secretariat
Discussion Paper 13, April 2012
Social Protection:
A question of delivering on rights and resources
Dr. Anit Mukherjee & Dr. Marilyn Waring
AWID International Forum, Istanbul Turkey (April 21,2012)

Commonwealth Secretariat
Annual Consultation of Commonwealth National Women’s Machineries
New York, Feb 26, 2012
KEYNOTE: Dr. Marilyn Waring


2nd Asia Pacific Outgames Human Rights Conference - Keynote

Outgames Human Rights Conference 2011

2nd Asia Pacific Outgames Human Rights Conference
Keynote: Marilyn Waring (Audio and Full Transcript)

Expert/ Donor Consultation on Democratic Governance, Women's Rights and Gender Equality: Building Partnerships for a New Global Research Initiative,
Ottawa, December 1-2, 2009.

Womens Political Participation

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Marilyn Waring

Direct Link: http://hdl.handle.net/10625/43896


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Beijing + 15 Report

11th Triennial Conference of Pacific Women

Progress and prospects: Accelerating national and regional implementation of the Pacific and Beijing Platforms for Action.

Beijing + 15 Report (Marilyn Waring & Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop)

Direct Links: http://www.spc.int/hdp/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=79&Itemid=44

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