Hokianga-Nui-A-Kupe, Photo © T.B. Dawson
MARILYN J WARING BA (Hons) VUW, DPhil (Waikato), Personal Chair Public Policy AUT


Jason Smith PhD (2010)

"The Creative Country: Policy, Practice and Place in New Zealand's Creative Economy 1999 – 2008"

Greg Coyle PhD (2012)

"How does the operation of PHARMAC's 'Community Exceptional Circumstances' policy align with the distributive justice principles of fairness and equity as described by John Rawls and Amartya Sen?"

Bethli Wainwright PhD (2011)

"The Lived Experience of Liver Transplant Recipients in New Zealand"

Karen Webster PhD (2009)

"Whakapiri tātou, hei manaaki tāngata, hei manaaki whenua
Effective governance for urban sustainability"

Chantana Wech O Satsakda PhD (2008)

"ICT in community-based lifelong learning center: model for Northeast Thailand"

Winifred Murray PhD (2012)

"Restorative Justice Facilitation: An appreciative inquiry into effective practice for Aotearoa/New Zealand facilitators"

Chiou, Beibei. PhD (2014)

"International education, student migration and government policy: a comparative study of Australia and New Zealand"

Jenny Tucker PhD (2014)

"Re Thinking African Development through building capacity for Gambian researchers"

Mohd Hashim,Hishamuddin PhD

"International Negotiation Styles: a Perspective of Malaysian Diplomats:"

McIntyre, Nancy Chee Fun PhD (2014)

"Acculturation experiences and workplace cultural diversity dynamics: a comparative study of Chinese, Indian and Eastern European migrants in New Zealand"

Bradford, Sue PhD (2014)

"A Major Left Wing Think Tank in Aotearoa: an impossible dream or a call to action?"

Margy-Jean Malcolm PhD (2014)

"Civil Society Leadership as Learning"

Tester, Louise PhD (2014)

"Women councilors' stories of effectiveness in New Zealand local government: a feminist hermeneutic inquiry"

Elley, Jeanette PhD (2014)

"Measuring media coverage of electricity public policy in New Zealand for the period 2006-2007: a new approach"

Thienmongkol, Ratanachote PhD (2014)

"Designing way-finding in the Thai context"

Jonah Tisam PhD (2015)

"Embracing Managerialism in a small island developing state: A study of systems of governance and the outcomes of new Public Management in the Cook Islands from 2006 – 2012"

Carol Peters PhD (2015)

"Our Community voices: The Birth of Community television in Whangarei"

David Wilson PhD (2016)

The Metropolitan Auckland Project: Implications for regional economic development, governance policy and practice.

Karanina Sumeo PhD (2017)

Land Rights and Empowerment of Urban Women, Fa,afafine and Fakaleiti in Samoa and Tonga

Jill Worrall PhD (2017)

Understanding the Role of Women in the Care and Protection of Children: A Feminist and Autobiographical Analysis.

Lucia Davis PhD (2017)

How mothers in interethnic relationships construct their parenting role.

Quentin Allan PhD (2017)

Gay Men Coming out Later in Life: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Disclosing Sexual Orientation in Aotearoa.

Elisa Lavelle PhD (2017)

Brain Injury Whanau Action Project: increasing the capabilities of families of adults with brain injury to live their lives in the ways they have reason to value


M.Phil Students

Ruth Choudharey MPhil (2009)

"Cultural Wellbeing and the Local Government Act 2002: A Hamilton Case Study"

Lise Milne MPhil (2011)

"The Significance of Aesthetic and Heritage Values in a Public Policy Environment: Victoria Theatre Case Study"

George Gair MPhil (2010)

"Managing Change as a Minister of the Crown"

Repeta Puna MPhil (2008)

"Ko Maouna te toa
The effects of the Cook Islands Public Sector Reform on the delivery of education"

Paula Gillon MPhil (2010)

"A Human Rights-Based Approach to the Discourses Governing Active Recreation in New Zealand."

Mireille Johnson MPhil (2009)

"Am I Who I Say I Am? A Systems Analysis into Identity Fraud in New Zealand"

Filipo McGrath MPhil (2015)

"Their worldview and ours: an exploratory study into Pacific Peoples as seen in New Zealand Government policies, 1998 - 2013."

Saleem Sheik MPhil.(2015)

"Governance and Management in International Aid Projects".

Alex Poor M.Phil (2016)

What are the obstacles to the implementation of data interoperability policy in 3 New Zealand health boards?

Bruce Dyer M.Phil (2016)

What are the Merits and Scope for Implementing Self-Reliant Policies in the Nelson Regional Economy.

Nilam Baniya Badu MA (2017)

Exploring the Lived Experiences of Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurial Women of Rural Nepal.

Kirsty Gillon M.Phil (2013)

Creativity and the New Zealand Curriculum.


Current Ph.D students

Jenni Mace

Instilling hope and setting goals for a better future: making the transition to sustaining a permanent home possible for families in temporary accommodation.

Barry Lee

What were the factors leading to and the consequences of young people's activism in the Auckland Progressive Youth Movement (1965-1977)

Sally Rae

How do female New Zealand sports management students perceive their future career?

Undariya Tumursukh

Mongolia's "Matriarchal" Civil Society: Evidence of Empowerment or Exploitation?

Leila Tayebi

How can the human rights of civil populations be safeguarded in an environment of economic sanctions?

Vivien Wei Verheijen

The lived experience of social capital and cultural capital for immigrant women's entrepreneurship in New Zealand.

Lindsay Neil

Understanding Migrant Perceptions of Kiwi Identity and Kiwiana: A Descriptive Qualitative Approach.

Shona McLeod

Violence Intervention Programme (VIP) for Partner and Child Abuse: Appreciating what's working well.

Patsi Davies

Sites of Exceptions: Smoking and Mental Health Facilities in New Zealand.

Ali Rasheed

What measures could be used to improve educational outcomes for domestic undergraduate South Asian students at Auckland University of Technology.

Tony P Fakahau

Impact Evaluation on Public Sector Reform in Tonga.

Filipo Katavake-McGrath

Tongan and Samoan Gay Men's lived experiences of New Zealand's marriage equality legislation change.

Imron Sohsan

Promoting Constructive Muslim-Buddhist Engagement towards Sustainable Community Development: A case study of Udon Thani Province of Isan Region of Thailand.

Bernard Sama

How could therapeutic jurisprudence be applied in the refugee status determination process in New Zealand to minimise the anti-therapeutic consequences of the process on asylum seekers?

Alex Poor

Repositioning data sovereignty in the NZ NGO sector

Marjs Lavides

How might the Biracial Children of Angeles city fully exercise their rights guaranteed by UNCRC?

Beshir Dale

Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture: Value chain Development. Quest for Gender Equality.


Current M Phil Students

Ann WU Ross

An appreciative Inquiry of Transnational Education in AUT New Zealand – Linkages with China and Vietnam.

Megan Brady-Clark

What Does Justice look like according to Adult victim-survivors of Sexual Violence?


Theses from University of Waikato

Deidre Shaw

MA Thesis, 'The Work of Farming Women'. Call Number HD6073.A292N45.1992

Kevin Churchhill

MA Thesis, 'Democracy and the Media'. Call Number P95.82.N45C48.1992


Theses from Massey University

Choopug Suttisa: PhD

"Civil Society in the Chi River, North East Thailand."
Call Number 307.7209593 Cho

Grant Gillon: PhD

"Formation, Durability and Susceptibility: Coalition Traits that Affected New Zealand's MMP Governments of 1996-2002
Call Number 320.993 Gil

Craig Goodwillie: PhD

"Bewhoherenow: Philosophy of Existing Sense"

Carmel Cervin: PhD

"Action Research, Power and Responsibility: The Predicament and Potential of New Zealand Community Groups"

Shirley Julich: PhD

"Breaking the Silence: Restorative Justice and Child Sexual Abuse"

Claire Slatter: PhD

"The Politics of Economic Restructuring in the Pacific with a Case Study of Fiji"

Robin DeBruin Judge: MA

"The Entrepreneurial Capital of SMEs and Business Compliance in New Zealand: A Study of the Relationship"

Ruth Gerzon: MA Thesis

"Changing the paradigm: reflections on experiences in workshops to reduce stigma and discrimination in mental health services"
Call Number 362.20993 Ger

Marnie Hunter: MA Thesis

"A Job Full of Conflicts: The Experience of Women Child Protection Social Workers in New Zealand"
Call Number 361.320820993 Hun

NZ failure to ratify ILO domestic workers convention shameful